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By: secrto | November 30, 2018

$153.97 Cdn

My wife really question my purchase of these Lights, seriously you need to spend this much on lights. 2 Months later she can see the absolute joy the lights bring to me and she couldn't deny my pure happiness.  There are some really good free Apps (OnSwitch) that you can combine with these lights to Make "Fireworks", or "Crackling Fire" or a nice Purple mood for watching Movies. Seriously I could go on but I just love using them.

By: secrto | November 30, 2018


I love my Amazon Tablet, I went with the 32GB version. A little more expensive but very worth it.  So many good apps, even the Google Playstore (watch youtube to find out how: ) and all it millions of apps at your finger tips.  The Amazon Prime membership is a must for this tablet so you have access to the Amazon Music and Amazon Video.  It replaced my 1st generation Ipad, Very happy happy with the Tablet. Amazon jsut Released a 10" version which I have't tried yet but looks a bit faster and bit large screen size.

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