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By: secrto | November 30, 2018

$153.97 Cdn

My wife really question my purchase of these Lights, seriously you need to spend this much on lights. 2 Months later she can see the absolute joy the lights bring to me and she couldn't deny my pure happiness.  There are some really good free Apps (OnSwitch) that you can combine with these lights to Make "Fireworks", or "Crackling Fire" or a nice Purple mood for watching Movies. Seriously I could go on but I just love using them.

By: secrto | November 30, 2018


This is your own personnel Cloud Server. Store your movies, pictures and all important documents. It has 2 or more Hard Drives that duplicates your data so that you never loose your all your important documents. When your SmartPhone picture gets full and you don't want to pay for I Storage you can upload from your phone into your Synology Server, thru an app on your phone. You can access your data from anywhere when your not at home. example: If you are away from home and want to share a video of your cat , use DS Files on your phone to access movie.

As for Hard Drives, I would recommend the Iron Wolf Drives. They are made for the Synology (NAS).