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By: secrto | November 30, 2018

$33.45 Cdn

These locks are great for Vacation rentals, Rockiesrentals.ca use them at many of there properties. The person trying to open the cabinet needs to find where you placed the lock plus a very strong magnet.  So they are not getting in.  I truly recommend these locks, I have them in my house that I use for Home Exchanges thru homeexchange.com.  My stuff is safe and the people have no idea whats in the cabinets.

By: secrto | November 30, 2018

$37.99 Cdn

I have moved a lot of furniture in my life and just recently bought these straps. Seriously a big difference. Not sure if you ever saw the episode of "Friends" when Monica, Chandler and Ross are moving the Couch, Ross is yelling, " Pivot" .  Well these straps save you from that crazy seen.  Trust me a life saver.