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By: secrto | November 30, 2018


My parents were looking for a smartwatch but didn't want to spend the money on a more expensive watch.  This watch has an amazing 2- 3 week battery (depending on how often you use the Heart Rate Monitor) ,Yes it has a Heart rate monitor. Yes, its water proof, Yes, it counts Steps. Yes, it has a an App. Yes, its in English. Yes, Yes, Yes, go check it out if my parents can you it use at age 75, then you can too.  Oh an I should mention that my Techy friends also have them so watch isn't lame.

Watch Band (also good with Pebble watch) Simple watch band , durable, been swimming with it many times. works well with pebble watches and Xiaomi watches (Amazfit). And Great Colours, since you at my website you might guess that I chose a orange band, you would be right.

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