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By: secrto | November 30, 2018

$238.55 Cdn
Beef Wellington, Yum!!

This is the best invention for cooking with a Dutch Oven. Where to start? You get a Fire Charcoal Chimney, this that folds away when not in use. You will have charcoal ready for cooking in 15 mins. no fusing around just a bit of paper or fuel cube (included) and a match. Next you get a Season 12" Dutch oven. Ready to start making your masterpieces like Beef Wellington, yup you read that right. You can use it as grill, oven, frying pan or cook-top. So really you just need to go to the grocery store get some ingredients, some charcoal and you are ready to rock.  For car campers like my wife and I, you can make glorious meals camping.

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